Alex is now Bionic


I didn’t want to write too much leading up to Alex’s surgery today just because I didn’t want to hype it, and frankly I’m a little bit superstitious, so I didn’t want to do what I did last time and make an event of his surgery.

It worked, despite a serious amount of excitement.

The surgery was straightforward; no complications, no catches. Our surgeon mentioned that Alex’s eardrum might’ve looked SLIGHTLY pink, but that was the extent of it.

I’ll write something up in detail later, but bottom line is that we went in at 6am and were home by about 4:30pm. Alex has been very tired – much more so than when we brought him back from his botched surgery. That probably has something to do with the fact that he was under for a lot longer as well as the fact that more work was done. Shannon hit up the boards to see if near-constant sleep after the surgery was normal and got a lot of “affirmative”s, so that was good enough to  help us relax.  He’s been in his crib since about 7:30 now, not a peep.

Tonight’s probably going to be tough and I’m guessing that tomorrow will be pretty tough as well, but the surgery is done, and Alex now has the raw materials for sound. He’s finally got that and is healing up. 

Details to follow, but wanted to write that all is generally well over here, though today was damned tough and the next few days are probably going to be a bastard as well. But we’re thankful for where we are and what we have, and for all of the positive thoughts and prayers that were sent our way to help make it happen.


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