Here we go again…

It’s been pretty quiet around here for the past few months, so my posts have slowed down a bit. The last thing of note that really happened was Alex’s genetic results coming back clear, but past that, we’ve basically been in cruise control and trying to keep him moving forward with his physical therapy. He’s making good, steady progress in that regard. Our physical therapist has told us, again, that Alex would not qualify for PT at present if an evaluation was done on him now. He still likes to wag his head around a bit, but she feels relatively confident that he’s just “looking for input.” His balance is fine, and he can always be distracted from said wagging, so we’re still looking good on that front.

I feel like I’m basically mirroring what Shannon wrote on her blog today, but the new thing to stress about is that Taylor has a cough and fever. Alex’s surgery is six days from now. The concern, then, is that Alex will catch whatever Taylor has, become sick, and have his surgery postponed again. Alex doesn’t have a fever. He’s snotty, but I think just about every kid at this age is to some extent so that doesn’t concern me too much. He also isn’t coughing or sneezing an irregular amount. 

It seems that the criteria to go through with the surgery is generally:

  1. The lungs are clear of fluid
  2. No fever present
  3. No major ear infection present

I’m not sure how I feel about him still looking OK at this point. If he was symptomatic NOW, then at least there’d be a good chance that he’d be on the mend by next week. I think I’m happier that he’s not showing anything yet.

We have a meeting at the surgeon’s office on Thursday as a pre-surgery checkup. That could be interesting. My fear is they take a look, see something going on, and flat-out say that they’re going to reschedule the surgery. My hope is that I’ll tell them the situation and they’ll say that he looks fine, but will prescribe some preventative antibiotics as an extra precaution.

Regardless, there’s not a whole hell of a lot we can do at this point past wait, keep the kids apart, bust out the hand sanitizer, etc. I want to say that Taylor has caught fevers a few times and Alex didn’t, but my awful memory probably isn’t to be trusted.

I think… THINK the good news is that we still have almost a week until the big day. Taylor’s cough hasn’t been too crazy today, but she always seems to get postnasal types of coughs where things are OK during the day, but really pick up in the evening. With a little bit of luck we’ll keep them separated, Taylor rebounds fast, and that’s that. Again, probably wishful thinking.

And, of course, both kids were healthy for the past five or six weeks.  We’re now bumping up against a timeline that would allow him to hear his family and friends sing “Happy birthday” to him in a few months, so… come on, universe.  Cut the kid some slack.



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