For now, just read the first few entries of the blog, but short version:

  • My son is deaf.
  • I wanted to write a journal for therapeutic purposes and decided to make it public to potentially help others know what’s up.
  • I’m a bit of a Howard Stern fan and want to be unabashedly honest.
  • I love my family to death.

Possibly important – we look at Alex’s deafness as part of him, but also acknowledge the reality that his deafness is a disability that will block opportunities for him at different places.  As parents, we want to give Alex as many of those opportunities back as possible, be it through technology, therapy, or different communication strategies.  We don’t accept that Alex’s deafness should immediately resign us to him losing those opportunities because he was born with them, as any person who gets glasses, contacts, prosthetic limbs, braces, etc. doesn’t accept that they should do without those because that’s who they are.  We believe that Alex’s deafness is certainly part of him, but it doesn’t define him, and we won’t allow it to define what possibilities are open to Alex.


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