More Weekend Recovery

A few minor updates for the story of Alex’s recovery.

His bleeding has slowed way down. It’s almost stopped. At this point I think it’s only really coming out of one of his ears and occasionally, if he has a runny nose, you’ll see some red in it. The first 48 hours after his surgery were the worst in terms of the bleeding, then it suddenly got a lot better, and now we’re waiting for it to completely stop. Having a few tissues close by is really all that it’s been taking in the meantime.

His incisions look great. I was telling Shannon last night that I think that Alex’s first incision from his botched surgery was noticably wider than his new ones, and my guess was that they did that because they knew he was coming back in. His left side seriously just looks like it had a light scratch on it. His right side side is coming along very nicely as well. Message to past self: As bad as the wounds look right after surgery, it’s crazy how much better they get within days. Don’t sweat it.

You can see his implants if you’re looking for them, and I mean really looking for them. I noticed when I gave him his last bath that they were pretty clear when his hair was wet to highlight where they were, but it’s more like you can see a light impression vs two incredibly obvious quarters coming out of his head. When his hair is dry you can find them if you know where to look. When his hair grows out a little bit more I think they’re going to be next to impossible to notice. Pretty cool. You can definitely feel them under his skin, but it isn’t weird; they don’t stick out that much.

Alex’s personality is back to 100%. Like many of the other posts we saw on the CI parent board, it took Alex about two days to kick all of the drugs out before he was obviously back to being himself. He wasn’t a monster to deal with, just a little lethargic. His sleep patterns didn’t change all that much, aside from surgery day.

So really, recovery truly wasn’t all that bad. When I read about how the CI implantation didn’t qualify as being a major surgery, that sounded odd, but I get it now. It was no walk in the park and our hearts ached for our boy, but Alex bounced back so nicely that when I was looking at him yesterday, it was sort of hard to believe that he had been through that surgery only five days ago. By that same token, it’s also weird to know that his surgery is done. It’s been looming over us for so long and we’ve done so much reading and research and had so many conversations about it that to know that we’re now on the other side of the surgery still feels alien. I still find it hard to believe that he’ll be hearing in a month. I hate that he’s going to have visible equipment on his head for the foreseeable future, but I also know it’s going to temporary. Yet another way that our Facebook CI parent group has been awesome is that we were subscribed to it when the Nucleus 6 processor (that’s what Alex will be starting with) first became available, and it was great to see how many parents chipped in to say that they had upgraded and commented on how much better their kids said they sounded and how much smaller they were. The trend will continue, and that takes a lot of the sting out of it for me NOW, but when we actually put them on him that could change. Then again, he’ll actually be hearing us, so that trumps that. Well; it’s easy to rationalize, but we’ll see what happens on activation day. Cannot wait.

What else… though our doctor didn’t say anything about the topic, we decided to keep Alex out of daycare this week. Even though the incisions look clean as a whistle, we decided it wasn’t worth the risk to potentially expose him to something like a dirty little hand or some type of exotic cold virus while he’s healing. Granted, this decision was pretty to make because my work flexibility is very high right now so it isn’t a big deal to stay at home, and on top of that, I only have to stay home for two days to keep Alex out for another eight. I write that out because I don’t want anyone reading this to freak out and think that they might have to do the same thing when they don’t have that flexibility. Shannon and I just very risk averse and are fortunate enough to be able to do those things without rocking any boats with work.

I can’t think of too much else to touch on. Alex’s recovery really wasn’t bad. Our prior research and Facebook board prepared us pretty well in terms of expectations. Again just feeling very grateful that Alex is on the mend and doing great.


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