The Holidays

With the sudden slowdown of appointments, I haven’t had all that much to post about. Shannon and I are both in the midst of the blur and continue to make tweaks to our schedules to make life a little more sane. We’ve renewed our search for a nanny to watch the kids at our home for two days a week so that they’re only in daycare for two (this sounds especially nice as I write this, given the storm Buffalo just received). We’ve also just hired a cleaning service to come out to the house once a month and give us a little bit of time back while keeping the place in sane condition. I feel like we’ve made it through the first big wave of appointments and are now in a slight holding pattern as early intervention gets therapists line up and we wait for Alex’s hearing aids to be sent over (“dispensed”).

So, a quick note on the past few weeks. The holidays were generally nice, as I thought they’d be. I fell into a little bit of a depression again just before Christmas, but that was more of a minor funk than anything. Strangely, I think a lot of that was spurred on by the fact that we were in the midst of my favorite time of the year, but that I couldn’t enjoy it as much as usual with Alex’s deafness racing through my head constantly. Shannon and I had a few of those family moments where we’d say “Imagine how perfect this would be if he were completely healthy” and the like. Our state of mind was still a huge improvement over the big depressions that hit us after the diagnosis, but that feeling is always with us, even in diminishing forms. I’ve been fine since then, though.

That said – the holidays were also a good morale boost. Being surrounded by family re-affirmed the great environment that Alex is going to be brought up in and the support that he already has. We got the chance to hang out with some of our good friends who also kept our spirits pretty high. It’s nice to talk about how our kids are going to play together and the like. It’s one of those small things that supports the idea that Alex, although not completely perfect as far as health / issues goes, can have a completely normal life with the right support.

Shannon and I have said a few times while looking at the kids that it’s going to be really interesting to see what next year looks like. I’m really excited about the prospect, even though I was loving those moments as they were happening as well. We’re really hoping Alex will have his ears and we’ll be opening the hearing world up to him. A lot can happen in a year!


One thought on “The Holidays

  1. I’m happy to hear your holidays were pleasant. I, also, look forward to your sweet son moving forward with treatment and hopefully sooner than later, his device.

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