10:54. Nope.

Doctor just came out. Couldn’t finish the surgery because Alex is coming down with a cold. We have to wait for at least six weeks before we can try again because of the anesthesia. Will have to fight again to get him back on as soon as possible.  He just lost six weeks of hearing. In shock.



6 thoughts on “10:54. Nope.

  1. Fuck is right. FUCK! I’m so sorry!!! Why did they open him up and then decide to stop? I don’t understand how that decision could be made at that point. Praying even harder for you guys!! Fuck!

  2. I just wrote Shannon an email and then remembered to come back and read your story. My heart breaks for yall, Andy! I seriously have love in my heart for all of you and the years Shannon and I have bonded over our blogs. Like the comment above, I just can’t believe that they didn’t realize that his ears were no good to operate on BEFORE starting. I am praying so incredibly hard for your family an hoping that one day this makes sense,

    But until then….FUCK.

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